Rent the Video Displays You Need
To Achieve Maximum Effective Use!

POP TV specializes in providing a wide range of video merchandising hardware and support services to enhance yuor retail sales and marketing endeavors. We have proudly achieved a level of success which enables us to establish the new merchandising standards of the industry.

One such way we facilitate our Customers' needs is by offering our Video Display Rental Program with thousands of 7" and 10" LCD, self contained digital video displays and make them available nationwide for short term promotions in the stores.

Why own the equipment used for video merchandising and be burdened with all the hassle that comes with ownership if your needs only require them for short interval use in the stores? In fact, the advantages of renting instead of owning video displays are many. Here are a few:

  • Retains Working Capital: Renting conserves working capital to use where it will produce the best return! If you only need the equipment for a short while, why not just pay for the time you need it instead of owning it?
  • Fights Obsolescence: Provides specific equipment for the needed job which increases producrivity. No more having to deal with potential obsolete technology
  • Minimizes Store Hassles: If store personnel have questions about the set-up, operations, use and maintenance of the video displays, they call us and don't bother you!
  • Imediate Replacements:If video displays you own ever develops issues while in the store, they will need to be repaired which take time before it ever gets back to the store .With our Rental Program, replacement units are immediately sent to stores to get them back on track selling your products!
  • Turn-Key Program: All of the details of implementing the Video Display Rental Program, are handled by us. This includes the replication of the video content, loading content into the units, shipping to the stores, inventory control and call tag retrieval of the units back to POP TV.

And just like all self-contained video displays that you get from POP TV, the units are shipped in a "plug-and-play" configuration, ready to begin selling your product, right out of the box!

Rent-To-Buy Program
Additionally, if you ever decide that a promotion is going so well that you want to keep the Video Displays in the stores permanently, we have a Rent-To-Buy Program where a portion of the paid rental fees can apply towards the purchase of the units while they are still in the store!