IT'S A FACT: Nearly three-quarters of all buying-decisions are made at the point-of purchase. With potential customers making these decisions while they shop, are you doing all you can to capture these sales opportunities? With POP TV, the answer is YES!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an in-store video demonstration is priceless! POP TV understands everything that must be done to sponsor a successful video promotion. After all, we've been doing it longer than anyone else! Please consider the following:

  • Video Merchandising increases sales by offering a concise, consistent message 24 hours a day
  • Video Merchandising increases sales by highlighting your product's features and benefits, and offering a solution for a consumer's current or future dilemma
  • Video Merchandising increases sales by educating the store's sales associates as well as the consumer

POP TV offers a full range of products and services for your in-store video merchandising needs!

img1 Video Display Sales:
POP TV offers a wide range of self-contained shelf-mountable (Industrial-grade) or "header"-mounted (Economy-grade) video displays. All are designed for effective use in the store adjacent to your product, and all at cost-effective prices.

Video Display Rentals:
For the budget conscious, POP TV provides thousands of the two most popular sizes of video displays (7- and 10-inch LCD screens) for Nationwide rentals. Rentals are available for short- or long-term promotions.


POP TV can set up a rent-to-own plan so a portion of the rental payment can be applied to the purchase of the units. This is a great option if you have never done a video promotion within a store chan and want to "try-before-you-buy."

Service and Replication Contracts:
POP TV offers extended maintenance service contracts for video displays purchased to keep them in top playing condition beyond the original warranty. This also applies for replicating video content upgrades, as well, to keep your message fresh and relevant.
pic5 Custom Design:
POP TV can provide video hardware and service to facilitate your special requirements as well! Whether your needs call for larger screens or special interactive considerations, we can design a video merchandising package that fits your budget.